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„It’s simply love“
Debut CD from singer-songwriter Pat Kallas         ger

“It is my deepest desire to touch the audience with my inspiration”, Pat Kallas summarizes his personal motivation. And indeed, his music touches and moves very different people deep in their hearts. Although he never was in Africa, Pat Kallas sings in a language that is reminiscent of a West African or Arabic dialect. It is universal, his own and needs no translation, because it is directed to a collective understanding. In combination with the self-composed melodies his distinctive songs develop. Their sound, affected by African and Western European instruments, and the warm timbre of Pat Kallas voice interweave into natural harmony. A steady, pulsing groove provides every song with its very own fascinating tension. Listening to the vocals of the white European one could take him for a black musician.
A large, quiet joy is the source from which the artist Pat Kallas draws his music. It imparts the message of a very primary, musical and human wisdom. A message that will reopen the doors to the inner self of many listeners.

Pat Kallas and his extraordinary music were discovered eight years ago by the WDR within the scope of an Africa-themed week. A short time later the singer was noticed by the famous German composer and producer Büdi Siebert, who already had successfully produced BAP and spontaneously decided to do a CD production with Pat Kallas – working with an amateur for the first time. In cooperation with outstanding musicians, like guitarist Ralf Illenberger and jazz pianist Matthias Frey, the debut CD “It's simply love” developed. The successful premiere concert in October 2010 implicated to a very positive response in the national press and a distribution contract with SILENZIO. Pat Kallas currently is on tour (details at: http://patkallas.blogspot.com/). A good opportunity to experience a live-act of his music with its almost overwhelming intensity. Audience reactions to his concerts repeatingly confirm Pat Kallas as a great live musician with a lot of closeness to his listeners.